History & Geography

My passion for foreign languages ignited a keen interest in history, geography, and foreign affairs. I find history intriguing because the sequence of history helps me understand the significance of our own times. Knowing details about a place’s geography, climate, flora, fauna, natural resources, combined with its history helps me better understand its cultural values, its economy, cuisine and traditions, allowing me to gain “a fell” for the place even without ever visiting. Since 3rd grade, geography was my passion. Every year I competed in the Geography Bee at the school level and state level. In 8th grade, I placed 3rd at the Colorado State Geography Bee. I also competed in the Geography Olympiad, placing 20th nationally in 7th grade and 22nd in 8th grade. In high school, I continued competing in the Geography Olympiad and US History Bee, qualifying for Nationals in both events. In 10th grade I tried something new and competed in the National History Day as a state finalist, which was a lot of fun.


State Geography Bee

State Geography Bee 3rd Place

2018 National History Day