German Club

Passionate about foreign languages,  I took both German and Spanish in high school and I also joined the German Club since my freshman year. Later, I became a member of the German Honor Society and the Spanish Honor Society. My goal as president of the German Club is to expand the club’s activities and enhance member participation at German cultural activities, which would complement the curriculum of both German 3/4 Honors and AP German classes. In an effort to enhance the German Club’s community presence, I established and am running a German Club at Campus Middle School (a feeder school into our high school), exposing middle school students to a new cultural enrichment activity. For the Spanish Honor Society, I am active in all their activities, but I am contributing mostly to their tutoring program and cultural events. As a ballroom dancer, proficient in American Rhythm (Cha-Cha, Rumba, Mambo), I am able to contribute greatly to this aspect of the club.