National Scholarships

2020 US Presidential Scholars Program Nominee

Students get nominated for this prestigious award either for academics (perfect scores on standardized tests), artistic excellence (Young Arts Program), through involvement in Career and Technical Education organizations, and through several miscellaneous nominating organizations. Of the thousands of nominees, eventually 161 high school seniors will become scholars.

I was nominated by the Department of Defense, though the Junior Science and Humanities National Symposium. Each regional symposium is able to nominate one student for the US Presidential Scholars Program. By displaying excellence in scientific research at the 2019 Wyoming-Eastern Colorado Junior Science & Humanities Regional Symposium, I was named a nominee for the 2020 US Presidential Scholar’s Program.

2020 Coca-Cola Scholarship Semifinalist

 Of the almost 10,000 applicants, about 1,900 students nation-wide will be named Coca-Cola semifinalists for their academics, service to the community, leadership, and excellence in extracurricular pursuits. I am one of the 40 students from Colorado to be named a semifinalist.

2020 National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist

Students get commanded and named National Merit Semifinalists for scoring above a certain level on the PSAT, administered in the fall of their junior year. An index which varies by state and by year sets the bar for nomination as a semifinalist.

Scoring 1480 on my PSAT, I had an index of 223, way above the Colorado State index of 220 and was nominated a semifinalist for the 2020 National Merit Scholarship Program.

National AP Scholar

Students will be named National AP Scholars for completing at least eight AP exams and scoring 4 and above on all of them. I qualified for this award by taking nine AP exams, and having an average score of 4.4.

National AP Scholar Award

Coolidge Scholarship Semifinalist

The Coolidge Scholarship is a very competitive full-ride scholarship. Of the over 3,000 applicants, the scholarship committee selects 100 semifinalists (named Coolidge Senators), 12 finalists, and eventually four scholars nation-wide.

I was named one of the 100 semifinalists based on the strength of my application (academic profile, leadership, extracurricular activities, and community service). Semifinalists enjoyed an all-expense paid trip to Washington DC, which included a visit to the White House and the US Capitol. Being allowed to sit on the Floor of the House of Representative was the highlight of my trip to our nation’s capital.

2020 Coolidge Senators visiting the White House

2020 Coolidge Senators visiting the White House

2020 Coolidge Senators

2020 Coolidge Senators visiting the Capital Building