Speech and Debate

The day I got my braces off, I was sitting in the back seat of my mother’s car with my best friend, as we were driving her home from a movie night. I was rubbing my tongue against the smooth surfaces of my teeth and I said: “I can actually close my lips now completely, something I couldn’t do ever since I got my braces on eighteen months ago.” “Yes,” said my mother, “we know that you always had difficulties closing your mouth!” What can I say? I suppose I rarely lack opinions, and I also like to share them most of the time. Having been an avid reader, English is my favorite class. Being articulate about any topic, I enjoy giving speeches and doing presentations, thus I have been participating in oratorical competitions since 5th grade. These activities have set the stage for my participation in Speech and Debate in middle school and high school. Debate is the avenue for improved communication, tolerance, respect for different opinions, and exchange of ideas. Being passionate about political science and international affairs, I chose to compete in Public Forum Debate because it is relevant to current events both domestic and international. Public forum Debate also offers a good mix between facts and philosophy and between rhetorical and argumentative speaking.

Members of CCHS Speach & Debate Club with Coach Marti Benham